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3-D Laser Scanning & Reverse Engineering

I.M.C. currently has a Faro Edge Arm that uses Blue Light for all scanning purposes. The Faro Edge Arm allows us to provide precise warp analysis, along with probing options, and CMM Capabilities. We are able to set up parts using a best fit 3-D option, so that way the warp analysis is the most accurate. We also have Datum options, so we are able to work off of GD&T. 


The best fit 3-D alignment that we use for our scans utilizes this technology allowing us to determine the exact condition of each part. We overlay the scan data to the cut data, and with best fit alignment any part warp will be displayed. This process also allows us to verify if any features on the part are incorrect or missing.

Scan reports are provided to every customer upon mold and/or part run completion prior to shipping. If you would like a tour of our Metrology room, or to get more information on our scanning process / capabilities, please contact us and ask for Mike

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